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19 Dec


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I am always in search of cool new spaces that have loads of good recipes to try out. I recently stumbled upon and found that not only do they have great recipes to try, but they also have a local restaurant guide. So, when you get tired of making the recipes, just hop on the site and find a new restaurant to try out. The basic deal is that you sign up and upload your own recipes and get access to thousands more. You can rate other member’s recipes, your local restaurants and even write your own articles relating to food. They also have a Shopping List feature, which makes organizing your grocery list for recipes easier.

If you want more information before registering for their site, I would suggest checking out their facebook page. Just search “Foodconnect” and they will be under the pages section. Their facebook page doesn’t have all of the benefits of registering for the site, but it will give you an idea of the type of members they have, the recipes that are listed, giving you an idea about the community you would be joining. They seem to update their page once a week, so you won’t get bombarded with massive amounts of updates from them–which is plus in my opinion.

I think that is a place for someone who enjoys talking and researching recipes. It’s best if you are willing to share your recipes because I feel you will be more a part of the community that way. I also think that it is a great place for someone who is just getting started as you can ask questions of your fellow members. If you are a member I would love any insights you might have about the site.

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