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How about a little wine to go with that dinner?

30 Nov

I was recently in Fairbanks, Alaska visiting my in-laws over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not only did I have 10 days of eating supremely well made dinners and desserts, but I got to taste some delicious white and red wines.

As a thank you to my in-laws for their hospitality, I’ve been in search of a wine to send their way. I was hoping to find a wine label they’ve never heard of (which is quite difficult). I came across these wine merchants. I guarantee there is a wine label you haven’t heard of and need to try on this site.

It’s a great one stop shop for those wine gifts that you will need to purchase for the dozen or so parties you will be attending in the next month or so. Also, it makes it easier to look at several wine companies at once, as they are all conveniently waiting for you at this site.

Enjoy yourself and happy holidays!